L’Histoire des Choses pour les étudiants

Our most recent addition to the Story of Stuff curricula comes from one of our community members, Anne B. Anne put together a lesson for high school-level French classes based on The Story of Stuff.

This activity targets students in their 3rd or 4th year of high school French. It consists of:

  • A French illustrated and simplified reading based on the French translation of The Story of Stuff
  • A group activity to present a part of the reading on posters
  • Directions for a gallery walk with those posters
  • A worksheet for note-taking during the presentation

Discussion questions

Thanks so much to Anne B. for bringing The Story of Stuff into more classrooms!
We’d love to hear more about how other teachers use Story of Stuff in the classroom in the comments below. Also, if you have more curricula that you would like us to share with the Story of Stuff community, please email it to renee (at) storyofstuff (dot) org, with a complete description.


Lesson files (doc)

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