Host a Plastic Free July Kickoff Party!

Want to share Plastic Free July with your friends and community? Host a kickoff house party! It’s an opportunity to come together in solidarity and action around one of the most urgent social and environmental issues of our time. Sign up to host an event here, and read below for activity ideas for your event.

Screen The Story of Plastic mini-docs

There’s no better way to start the conversation at your event than by sharing our Story of Plastic mini-docs:

You can also view a supercut of all four movies together.

Take action for a circular plastic economy

Last month, legislators voted to advance the California Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Reduction Act, the most ambitious state legislation ever introduced to slash plastic pollution – setting up a great model for other states to follow.

Passing this bill will be a monumental win for our movement… but we’re not there quite yet. The two versions of the bill that passed the Senate and Assembly now each head to the other house to get voted on again. But industry lobbyists have this bill in the crosshairs, and are trying to significantly water it down… or kill it all together.

That’s why we’re launching a massive push to make sure that Senators and Assemblymembers who voted YES the first time hold the line and vote YES again. We’re sending a message: “thank you” for your vote, and know that a global audience is watching your next move.

Help us flood the YES voters with “thank you” message, and request that they vote YES when the bills are up for a vote again. Here’s how:

  1. Write a “thank you” card to the YES voters in the CA State Senate and Assembly. Send it to The Story of Stuff Project at 1442A Walnut St. #272, Berkeley, CA, 94709. We’ll deliver your cards to the state capitol!
  2. Submit a photo of you and your community holding up a “thank you” message! Submit your photos here (by submitting a photo, you are granting The Story of Stuff Project permission to use your photo for campaign purposes).

We really need your help to make a big splash with this action. This is a huge moment for the movement – we can’t do it without you!

Share some plastic free crafts

Nothing brings people together like arts and crafts. Here are some ideas for crafts without plastic – or crafts that will help you avoid plastic!

Plastic Free July was originally created by the Plastic Free July Foundation. To learn more, visit

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