Democratic Desserts — Ben and Jerry Support the Overturn of Citizens United v. FEC

Ben is a person. Jerry is a person. Ben and Jerry’s? Not a person…

Check out this charming video from Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the founders of Ben and Jerry’s Homemade Inc.

Ben and Jerry have joined up with a number of other companies and business leaders to create “Business for Democracy,” a collaborative effort in support of government by the people and opposed to the Citizens United decision. “Business for Democracy” is advocating for fair and transparent elections that are decided by the people and not by the deepest pockets.

Overturning the Citizen’s United decision and instituting campaign finance reform is a crucial step toward building a society and economy that supports and rewards responsible and sustainable business. This is essential if we are to create the economy we want and need today, and be proud of what we’re leaving for the generations to come.

Want to add your name? Go here to sign on with The Story of Stuff. For more information on the Ben and Jerry’s campaign, visit their site.

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